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Malki Means King Net Worth: How Rich is the TikTok Star in 2023?

Malki Means King is an American TikTok star and rapper. He became viral in 2021 for comically testing the authenticity of diamonds in his series of videos. Malki rose as a rising rapper after he released the viral hit song, Mansion in 2017. As of 2023, Malki Means King net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

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Who is Malki Means King?

Malki Means King Net Worth and Career

Malki Means King’s Wife and Personal Life

What is Malki Means King’s Net Worth?

Who is Malki Means King?

Real Name
Samuel Henry Malki

Date of Birth
January 28, 1986

36 years old

Berkeley, California

TikTok star, Rapper

Net Worth
$1 million

Lisa Atwan

Malki Means King is a recording artist and TikTok celebrity from California. He is known for his Diamond Tester Challenge on TikTok. Malki is most popular for his diamond grill, gilded crown, blinged-out shades, and layers of chains. He has been creating his own rap songs since 2005.

Malki Means King was born on January 28, 1986, in Berkeley, California. He spent his early childhood days in San Francisco Bay Area. Malki belongs to a mixed heritage including Lebanese ancestry, and Italian and Welsh roots. His name, Malki is defined as King in Arabic. Later, he took the name as his stage name. He has a younger sister who reportedly is two years junior to him.

Malki Means King Net Worth and Career

Malki started creating his original rap and hip-hop songs in 2005. His songs later led him to wear a crown while he was performing in public. Malki eventually went viral in 2017 following his released song, Mansion. The song blew up on Facebook and helped him to certify as a rising rapper.

Soon later, he competed in the nationwide rap contest, the 2020 Champion of Beats 2 Bars. At the end of the rap contest, he came up as the Champion. The contest was hosted by the radio station, Hot 97|Hot 97 on social media in New York. Malki later became an overnight sensation due to his antics on TikTok and Instagram. He makes funny and entertaining videos by wearing expensive, allegedly fake accessories.

Malki prefaces his social media bio by writing Videos Are Jokes. His songs are available on various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music. Malki’s music is surprisingly not bad and is very similar to those that were released by his mainstream contemporaries. Malki has written on his official website that people can always tell when it’s a Malki song. He has a distinct voice that can be picked it out from a room full of people.

Malki’s music style is merely based on having fun and good energy. After listening to his songs, there would be very rare cases in that a person doesn’t smile or laugh. Malki currently has 6.9 million followers and 91.5 likes on TikTok. Most of his videos on TikTok gather up over a million views in a short time. Malki recently uploaded a TikTok video with the title, Real vs. Fake diamonds claiming that his diamonds are real.

Malki also has his own self-titled YouTube channel which has 99.5K subscribers. He uploaded his first YouTube video titled I Got Money Now on July 13, 2017. Following that, he continued uploading more music videos on YouTube. His recent music video, Ice Spice – Munch (Feelin’ U) Freestyle was uploaded on October 21, 2022.

Malki Means King’s Wife and Personal Life

Malki Means King has been together with his long-time girlfriend, Lisa Atwan for a long time. He reportedly married Lisa on January 7, 2011. His wife is known to his fans as Little Lisa. Malki’s wife also gets featured on social media with him. Lisa lost her brother, Christopher Ghanem in 2020. She set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for her brother’s funeral expenses.

What is Malki Means King’s Net Worth?

Malki Means King Net Worth

Not Available



$1 million

Malki Means King has earned a net worth of $1 million as of 2023. He reportedly makes an estimated amount between $2K to $4K per sponsored post on TikTok. Likewise, he earns an estimated amount of $300 per sponsored post on Instagram, where he has 102K followers.

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